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ACT organizations around the state work on the broad array of environmental issues facing Texas. ACT convenes policy working groups to analyze issues such as lowering toxic emissions from industrial facilities or developing a program for recycling electronic waste and to make recommendations. ACT makes recommendations when the larger ACT policy group agrees that the issue and recommendations address major state issues.

As a coalition of organizations working for environmental and public health protection in communities throughout the state, ACT knows that there are thousands of specific issues that must be addressed for the well-being of these communities. ACT seeks to address these issues at the regulatory and legislative level, working closely with partner organizations and individual citizens. Learn more about these issues below:

TCEQ Sunset Process

The 2010-2011 Sunset review of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is the primary focus of ACT’s issue analysis and policy development in preparation for the 82nd Texas Legislature. Almost every state agency in Texas goes through a once-a-decade “sunset review,” where legislators evaluate the effectiveness of state government operations and assess whether or not particular state agencies are needed. This year the TCEQ is up for review.

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Air Quality

In 2008, Texas was ranked number one in emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and the known carcinogen benzene. Air pollution in Texas is impairing our scenic landscapes, making Texans sick and costing our economy billions of dollars. Additionally, our state is failing to meet federal air quality standards. These facts are disturbing and indicative of the critical air pollution problem Texas is facing. The U.S. EPA has declared TCEQ’s air pollution permit system violates the federal Clean Air Act and fails to allow significant public participation.

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TCEQ recently proposed rules that would increase the amount of E. coli bacteria allowed in Texas waterways before they are considered polluted.

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Rather than require new landfills to meet decades-old federal standards, TCEQ currently allows trash facilities to expand atop old landfills–frequently over sites without protective liners–often creating literal mountains of garbage.

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