On Monday, November 1st, the Sierra Club Golden Triangle Group, Clean Air and Water, Inc, and Alliance for a Clean Texas co-hosted a TCEQ Sunset town hall in Beaumont. The Beaumont town hall was moderated by Judge John B. Stevens of the Texas Criminal District Court. Panelists included Representative Allan Ritter of Beaumont, TCEQ Regional Director Heather Feldman, Dr. Richard Harrel, President of Clean Air and Water, Inc, and ACT Coordinator Lize Burr.

News Articles
Local Town Hall Meeting Explores Sunset Process for TCEQ“, Sarah Moore, Beaumont Enterprise, November 2, 2010

State Environmental Agency Needs More Authority“, Beaumont Enterprise, November 3, 2010

Online Converage
Southeast Texans Participate in Environmental Town Hall, Ken Fountain, Fountain’s Pen, November 2, 2010