Sunset Advisory Commission Public Hearing on TCEQ

On December 15th and 16th, 2010 the Sunset Advisory Commission will hold its final public hearing of the year. At this hearing, the Sunset Commissioners will hear public testimony on the TCEQ, the Texas Railroad Commission, and on the Texas Department of Transportation. The staff report on TCEQ will be published approximately one month in advance of this hearing. This is the final opportunity to communicate to the Sunset Advisory Commission before it decides on formal recommendations to the 82nd Legislature.

This hearing provides the public the opportunity to personally express their concerns and recommendations to the Sunset Commissioners. ACT will participate in this hearing in variety of ways. Representatives of ACT partner organizaitons will testify. As issue experts with years of experience working with TCEQ on environmental and public health issues, these representatives provide valuable insight into the agency. Prior to the hearing, ACT will submit comments on the staff report (which will then be included in the materials packet for the public hearing assembled by Sunset staff for the Commisioners). ACT will also encourage individuals and citizen groups throughout the state to submit comments on the staff report.

ACT will also support citizen attendance and participation at the December 15th public hearing. Currently, ACT is working with groups and individuals across the state to develop travel plans, contact potential speakers, and provide training and support for participants. ACT will be present in the Capitol on December 15th. with a room reserved for informal activity. Finally, ACT will submit a written report about the TCEQ Sunset review town halls held around the state along with video documentation of these events at the public hearing.

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